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How to View the Development of AI Intelligence ?
Time : 2023/5/29    Clicks : 227    Public:Goodrain Industry Group Co.,Limited

The development of artificial intelligence (AI) technology will bring about significant changes and impacts, whether in the fields of economy, society, technology, or other aspects. Here are some of my personal views:

  1. AI can help humans solve many difficult problems, such as medical, transportation, and environmental issues. With powerful computing capabilities and the support of big data, AI can analyze and predict more accurately, thus providing better services for humans.
  2. AI will have a profound impact on employment. Although AI cannot replace all jobs, it can replace some repetitive and low-skilled jobs. In the process of AI development, we need to think about how to help workers who are replaced to transform or switch to other jobs, as well as how to provide them with better social security.
  3. The development of AI also brings risks and challenges. For example, AI may be used for malicious attacks, such as cyber attacks and information leaks. In addition, the development of AI will also bring ethical and moral issues, such as the issue of autonomous decision-making and privacy protection. Overall, the development of AI is inevitable, and it will have a profound impact on our lives. We need to actively respond to the challenges and risks of AI while fully leveraging the advantages of AI to make greater contributions to human development and progress.